Boon's | Spicy Chili Condiment | 8oz

Weight: 8.00 Ounces
Gift Wrapping: Options Available

Boon is a Los Angeles-based small batch chili oil created by Max Boonthanakit . Inspired by his love for the traditional Chinese chili crisp, Boon is a reflection of Boonthanakit’s Thai/Chinese upbringing and culinary experience.

After polishing off various brands of supermarket chili oil, Boonthanakit realized there was always something missing - more flavor. Fueled by his spice addiction, Boonthanakit went on to craft his version of the perfect chili oil which included a lot more flavor and a healthier sunflower oil base. 

What started off as a hobby and a way to make ends meet, Boon has built a cult following amongst friends and family with each person rationing their supply as they wait for the next batch.